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Reanimation of Yanukovych points to Putin’s new scenario for Donbas – Taras Berezovets

In his recent interview to BBC, ex-President Viktor Yanukovych clearly publicized Kremlin’s agenda for Ukraine, well-known political analyst Taras Berezovets writes in Facebook June 23.

 “All ironical comments and jokes about Yanukovych’s interview should be stopped. First, he is a state criminal on whose orders about a hundred of patriots were killed on Maidan and who directly helped Russia to annex Crimea and launch the war in Donbas. 

Second, the reanimation of Yanukovych indicates Putin’s new scenario for Ukraine. In his interview, Yanukovych clearly mouthed Kremlin’s plans regarding Ukraine – ‘Donbas is Ukrainian territory – take it back. Forget about Crimea.’”

Putin will try to implement this scenario at the next Minsk meeting, Taras Berezovets said.



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