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Anti-Ukrainian provocation in USA was bankrolled by S. Liovochkin

Ex-Regions heavyweight member Serhy Liovochkin was behind the anti-Ukrainian provocation in the United States aimed at declaring the ‘Azov’ volunteer battalion a neo-Nazi unit and banning to give Ukraine mobile AA missiles, Ihor Mosijchuk, a Radical party lawmaker, writes in Facebook June 14, citing his own investigation.

 “The links to US Congress adopting a ban to provide instructors for ‘Azov’ servicemen and supply mobile AA Stinger missiles lead to Kyiv,” he writes.

The lobbying was done, under contract with Liovochkin, by US spin doctor Paul Mannafort whose services had been used by ex-president Yanukovych, Mosijchuk says.

The ban was initiated in the Congress by Congressman John Conniers

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