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Poroshenko did not criticize Yatseniuk fearing repeat of 2005

Pres Poroshenko’s address to Verkhovna Rada included a detailed scenario for Ukraine in the nearest months, political anal;yst Taras Chornovil writes in Facebook June 4.

“The address impressed me. It was written by the president’s team with his participation, not by the Institute of Strategic Research as usual. The presidential team is closer to the true life,” he said.

 “The expectations that the president will make a couple of jabs at the premier were false. Poroshenko fear the repeat of 2005 when the democratic coalition broke up soon after coming to power because of the in-feud. Poroshenko showed that he will not tolerate the token allies in the ruling coalition [Yulia Tymoshenko’s and Oleh Lyashko’s factions – Ed.]



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