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Donbas republics are Kremlin’s creation – Girkin

True rebels are leaving Donbas because they can see the snafu there and realize that they are fighting for the criminals-run republics, not defending the Russian World [Putin’s doctrine justifying Russia’s interference in territories populated by Russian-speaking people – Ed.], the one-time leader of Donetsk republic and FSB officer, Igor Girkin (aka Strelok) says, Izvestia reports May 31.

“One must be a fool to imagine the rebels could set up republics in Donbas – they are Kremlin’s creation,” Girkin says.

Ukraine is leading the rebels in the creation of a combat-ready army and will be able soon to tackle the Russian troops, he says.

 “In some time, maybe a year or less, Ukrainians will be able to fight against the Russian army,” he says.

The former rebels leader says the level of discipline in the separatist formations is very low. “All of them are drinkers and many are drug addicts,” he says. 

 “In rebel-held territories the authorities are plundering the local population and stealing the humanitarian assistance,” Girkin says.

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