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Yatseniuk’s message to EU: give us weapons and we will defend you from Putin

Ukraine needs lethal weapons not to attack, but to defend its territory and EU from the Russian aggressor, Premier Arseny Yatseniuk told the Kyiv forum on security May 28, Ukrinform reports.

 “We are not asking for offensive weapons. We are asking for the weapons to defend ourselves. If you help us to create a more powerful army we will also be able to defend the European Union,” he said.

Kremlin is actively strengthening its army, spending billion to modernize it, he said.

Russia’s aggression against Ukraine is not a local conflict. It is a geopolitical conflict, and by starting it Russia wiped its feet on the Budapest memorandum and non-proliferation of nuclear weapons.

Russia is waging the war not only on Ukraine but on the entire democratic world and its values. “This is the war between the truth and lies, between the freedom and dictatorship, between the past and the future,” Yatseniuk said. 

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