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Former ‘YUKOS’ shareholders want Russia’s assets arrested

The former shareholders of YUKOS Co., Russia’s energy giant led by Mikhail Khodorkovsky and destroyed by Putin, appealed to international courts to arrest Russia’s assets abroad in compensation for their losses, Ukrinform says, citing Tim Osborn, the head of the Group Menatep Limited (GML).

 “We have appealed to courts in the UK, France and USA,” Osborn says.

To follow are their appeals to courts in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. The appeals are explained by the refusal of Russia to abide by the Hague court ruling, awarding compensations to YUKOS shareholders.

GML does not elaborate on what assets have been pinpointed. Experts say the assets, to the amount of $50 billion, may include stakes in companies or real estate property, except Russia’s embassies abroad.

Mikhail Khodorkovsky spent 8 years in the Russian jail on a framed-up case after his business had been ruined by Pres. Putin.

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