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Europe is having a feast over the graves of our sons – Dzubenko-Mace about Eurovision

Eurovision has become a disgusting virtual farce that is presented as European culture.

This wrote on her page on Facebook writer, widow of the prominent researcher of the Holodomor James Mace, Natali Dzubenko-Mace.

«I wasn’t for Sweden. I silently watched and wondered European citizen. What is it with you people? Don’t you care about anything? Torn Ukraine, thousands of deaths... Is the eye become so bloated or the heart stiffened? Or wanted to visit the red star country»- writes the writer.

«Somehow Sweden won, but bitterness remained.» That voting is as if a mockery of common sense. Europe is waltzing, celebrating, cheering, feasting on the graves of our sons and talking about pluralism and fair voting «- outrages Dzubenko-Mace.

«Pulls its hand for a neighbor, supports mediocrities, praises scams that sings sweetly about peace... Oh, yes, Russian singer took only the second place but the feeling is like we are betrayed, humiliated, they we are stepped through» – continues the writer.

«I don’t know and don’t want to know how everything is arranged there, how is purchased and whether purchasing-selling. But I know for sure that I was present at some disgusting virtual farce that God only knows is presented as European culture. You can certainly come up with some technology to stifle whistle of indignation, but Europe has gone further – made up plugs for conscience «- summed Dzubenko-Mace.

We remind you that Eurovision 2015 won the singer from Sweden Mans Zelmerlow with the song Heroes.

Second place took Russian singer Polina Gagarina with the song «A Million Voices», third place went to Italian group Il Volo with the song «Grande Amore».




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