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Khodorkovsky: only a fool would imagine that deals can be struck with Kremlin

The head of the “Open Russia” NGO, Mykhail Khodorkovsky believes the west must not make any long-term deals with Pres Putin related to Ukraine, RBK reports, citing his interview to DW May 10.

Putin need the conflict in Ukraine to keep his power.

The hope to reach a compromise with Putin is ephemeral since he behaves like a loose cannon, Khodorkovsky says.

Donbas separatists won’t try to grab new territories as to retain his power Putin needs a frozen conflict in Ukraine, not a full-sized war.

Putin’s another priority is to torpedo democratic reforms in Ukraine so that it does not serve as an example to Russia, he says.

Earlier, Khodorkovsky said Putin unleased a war against Ukraine because he has run out of domestic enemies.

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