News » Politics 4 May, 2015, 13:19
Donbas trail of gangsters who killed 2 and wounded 3 policemen

“The police found 2 Kalashnikovs, 2 grenades and uniform patches belonging to Tornado special troops unit and UPA (nationalist WWII Ukrainian Insurgent Army used as a scare in Donbas by pro-Russian separatists) as well as numerous SIM-cards in the car belonging to gangsters who raided the gas station in Kyiv tonight,” Interior Minister Avakov writes in Facebook May 4.

“The gangsters killed 2 policemen during and chase and wounded three. They attacked the police with grenades and automatic fire.

The police killed one criminal while the other 2 escaped.

The police finally sieged the criminals in an apartment. They surrendered without offering any resistance.

The police found a grenade-thrower, explosives and small arms there.

The terrorists admitted having fired at the police road checkpoint in Bykivnia 2 days ago.

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