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Ukraine servicemen criticize plans of their commanders to leave Shyrokine

If we retreat from Shyrokine, enemy will move Grads to shell Mariupol – Ukraine serviceman told our correspondent May 1.

Shyrokine is the hottest place in Donbas, with Ukraine army positions shelled by heavy artillery and tanks every day, “Azov” battalion of volunteers serviceman

The town is divided into two parts, with one controlled by Donbas rebels.

Two Ukraine army battalions, “Azov” and “Donbas” are defending the town taking shifts.

 “We won’t retreat from Shyrokine. Too many of our brothers have been killed here. What had they died for if we retreated?, “Azov” servicemen say. 

Ukraine leaders opt for the demilitarization of Shyrokine, but Ukraine servicemen think the retreat would be a defeat.

There are several strategic elevations in Shyrokine which would give a wide and long range of fire to those who control them, Ukrainians say.

If we withdraw, the enemy will move Grad missile batteries to shell Mariupol, “Azov” battalion servicemen say. 

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