Wednesday, 8 April, 2015, 16:36 Politics
Putin poised to force Obama into dividing world into spheres of influence

Putin’s main goal at the present stage in the conflict with Ukraine is to force Obama to sign a big deal – and divide the world into spheres of influence like Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill did in 1945, says Putin’s former adviser Andrej Illarionov, Ukrinform reports Apr. 8.

Putin is continuously criticizing America’s passive role in resolving the Donbas conflict. In this, Putin is echoed by Belarus Pres Lukashenka, Illarionov says.

In fact, the expert says, Putin is sending a message that the 1945 big deal could happen again – if Obama takes a more active stance.

To help himself, Putin is reminding the world that, although Russia’s capacity may be smaller, he can cause much disturbance in Ukraine. 

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