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Ukraine must be given chance to inflict heavy casualties on enemy troops in Donbas – US senator
Ukraine army. Photo: Roman Baluk/ZIK
Ukraine army. Photo: Roman Baluk/ZIK

US Senator Bob Corker believes US must give weapons to Ukraine to enable Ukraine army inflict heavy casualties on Russian/rebel troops, Radio Svoboda reports March 11.

 “Any strategy won’t be successful until the US supplies defensive weapons to Ukraine and gives Kyiv a chance to inflict serious casualties on thousands of Russian troops. 

Our aim is not to give that much weapons to let Ukrainians defeat the Russian army in direct military confrontation.

The point is that we must rather enhance Ukraine’s defense capacity in Donbas that will lead to a true peace process,” the senator said during hearing in the Senate foreign relations commission March 10. 

Leaders of many EU countries, Germany noticeably, are against the supplies of weapons to Ukraine.

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