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Boris Nemtsov’s last appeal

Boris Nemtsov, Putin’s vocal critic and opposition leader, was murdered late Feb. 27 in Moscow in what is said to be a contract hit by his Kremlin adversary.

Here is Boris Nemtsov’s last story he wrote in Facebook:

“Putin annexed Crimea while giving away Siberia to Chinese”

 “Putin annexed Crimea. Now he is giving Siberia away to Chinese. He has outplayed all.

Finding himself in isolation he told Chinese via Dvorkovich that he is ready to give them control over oil extraction.

Now the Chinese will start thinking. They won’t give him cash – they turned down his request for $25 bn to build the Sila Sibiri (Might of Siberia) oil pipeline. Similarly, they refused credits to Rosneft after the sanctions had been imposed by the West.

Finding himself cornered, Putin now offers the Chinese our resources.

Is Putin a traitor or a Chinese spy?”

According to Russia media, Moscow is ready to consider offering China a 50% plus stake in oil/gas extraction, excluding shelf projects. 

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