Friday, 13 February, 2015, 19:11 Lviv
Austria to help Lviv oblast implement energy-saving projects, ambassador says

Feb. 13, Austria’s Ambassador in Ukraine Wolf Dietrich told Lviv oblast Governor Oleh Syniutka Austria can help Lviv oblast implement energy-saving projects.

Lviv can become a pilot city for entire Ukraine where energy-effective projects are implemented. “You have wide experience in realizing energy-saving and energy-effective programs, noticeably, in using biomass as an alternative fuel. This positive dynamics should be used in the coming projects,” the ambassador said. 

Using biofuel as an alternative to natural gas and electricity is a promising area which can profit the city and the oblast. Austria is prepared to provide expertise to implement such projects, he added.

Given the rise in the cost of gas and oil and sinking hryvnia, renewable energy projects can be a god-send, the Lviv oblast governor said.

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