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Expert: Putin was forced to sign Minsk agreement
Taras Berezovets. Photo/UNIAN
Taras Berezovets. Photo/UNIAN

Russia Pres. Putin was forced to sign the agreement which was not good for him. The agreement is a great success of West’s and Ukraine’s negotiators, expert Taras Berezovets told ZIK in an exclusive interview Feb. 12.

 “The militants will almost certainly violate the Minsk agreement. Despite this, the agreement is a big success for Pres Poroshenko and his partners,” he said.

The positives of the agreement include:
1. The terrorist have to withdraw to the territory they held Sept. 19, 2014.
2. All heavy artillery and tanks are to be withdrawn to safe distances.
3. POWs are to be exchanged.
4. Local elections are to be held based on Ukrainian legislation.
5. All foreign forces are to be withdrawn from Ukraine. Russia here has legally acknowledged that its troops had been fighting in Donbas.
6. Ukraine government is to kepp the border with Russia under control.
7. There is no word in the agreement about federalization, Russian language, rejection of EU and NATO membership.
 “It all shows that the agreement is a big diplomatic victory.

Most probably, the agreement may be violated. Putin is a madman whose actions are unpredictable. Apparently, it won’t be the last ceasefire agreement. However, this one is more beneficial for Ukraine than the earlier Minsk agreement,” Taras Berezovets said. 

The West took a tougher stand than before. They realized well that the next in line after Ukraine may be Central Europe or Baltics, the expert stressed.

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