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How Russia recruits soldiers to fight in Ukraine

Russian servicemen are cheated into signing 2-year contracts for “training” in the Rostov oblast. If they refuse, they are threatened with criminal prosecution for deserting.

Russia-based RBK journalists interviewed 2 servicemen from the 7th military base deployed in Abkhazia who were just back from their service in the Rostov oblast bordering Ukraine and who appealed to military prosecutors to rescind their 2-year contracts.

In Aug. 2014, the CO persuaded both soldiers serving in the artillery unit to sign 2-yer contracts.

The CO promised to the soldiers they would be demobilized in Dec. 2014 and the 2-year contracts were merely a formality.

The soldiers did not elaborate about what they had been doing for several months in the Rostov oblast close to Ukraine. [Russia military have been shelling Ukraine territory during the entire conflict – Ed.]. 

Similar coercion of servicemen is taking place all over Russia’s military units.

The father of a serviceman from the 138th Brigade sited in the Leningrad oblast admitted that his son’s CO said signing the contract was needed to send him for a 3-month “training” to Rostov.

In some cases, parents succeed in stopping their sons from signing the contracts and being sent to Rostov but investigations are under way, head of Nizhni Novhorod NGO (Committee of Servicemen Mothers) Natalia Zhukova said.

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