News » Politics 21 January, 2015, 10:22
Expert: bridge blast is another Putin’s attempt to destroy Ukraine economy

“There can be arguments that Putin aimed to cut off Mariupol, but in the final assessment he intended to damage the country’s economy,” the expert said.

Putin is out to destroy Ukraine at any cost, and the residents of southern and eastern oblasts can see what Russia has in store for them.

The Russians do not want to merge these oblasts to broaden the “Russian world”. They want to destroy Ukraine as an independent state and turn it into a docile and barren territory,” he said.

The flare-up of terrorist activities shows that Putin is not going to occupy Ukraine. He has no power to do so, with western sanctions making him kick the dust. By unleashing the terrorist campaign Putin wants to make us crawl to him to beg for stopping it, the expert said.

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