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Lviv activists make high-quality boots for Donbas volunteers

A group of shoemakers in Zymna Voda, Lviv, set up a workshop to make winter boots for Lviv-based volunteers now serving in Donbas, ZIK reports Jan. 14.

Boots are made from leather jackets and coats donated by Zimna Voda residents responding to the call by the local community. 

 “The inner layer of a boot has to be made from soft leather, and we use the donated leather goods. The outer layer is to be made from hard animal hides,” activist Roman Byshko says.

 “We managed to cut significantly the cost of production, while raising the quality of our boots. Our servicemen praise our boots, saying they are as soft as moccasins.” Byshko said. 

“A pair of military boots costs UAH500-70 on the market. The self-cost of our boots is merely UAH200-250,” he said.

Lviv shoemakers give their boots to Donbas volunteers for free. They have already sent 150 pairs to the area.

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