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Foreigner may head Ukraine’s anti-corruption bureau

Addressing a 9-member committee which is to appoint 3 candidates to head the Anti-Corruption Bureau, Pres Poroshenko said the ACB is to operate independently and openly, his Jan. 10 press service report runs.

Corruption is Ukraine’s major enemy today, the incumbent stressed.

There are anti-corruption structures in the executive and police, he stressed, but their work is not effective since they are infested with corruption, Poroshenko said. 

The ACB is to become an effective and transparent organization. Only this will help it to gain the confidence of Ukrainians, he said.

The fight should be started with graft, with ACB bringing to accountability high-level officials, and then proceed to low-level corruption, he stressed.

The key figure in the ACB is its director. He did not exclude the possibility for a foreigner to occupy this position.

Saying about the need to cash in on anti-corruption experience of Singapore, EU, Baltic states and Georgia, Poroshenko said the ACB is to quickly come up with positive results. 

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