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Radiation leak at Zaporizhya NPP – another Moscow’s stunt

Russian media are disseminating another lie about Ukraine. This time they claim the radiation level at the Zaporizhya NPP is 16 times over the accepted one, TCH reports Dec. 31.

According to Putin’s docile mouthpiece, Lifenews Russia Today, the Ukrainian government is keeping the actual radiation level secret.

As tangible evidence, Russian media cite Denis Pushylin, the Donetsk rebel republic leader, who said the cause of the leak was an attempt to replace the Russian nuclear fuel with the one made by Westinghouse.

Meanwhile, the Zaporizhya NPP released a statement Dec. 30 that all its 6 nuclear reactors are operating normally.

Experts say the Moscow-generated stunt with the radiation leak was caused by the signing by Ukraine of a sales contract with the Westinghouse company to supply fuel to Kyiv.

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