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Putin to lie low till New Year, hoping for better options to come, analyst says
Vladimir Putin. Phото: ZIK/EPA/VASILY MAXIMOV
Vladimir Putin. Phото: ZIK/EPA/VASILY MAXIMOV

Vladimir Putin is not prepared for Minsk talks. That is why the Donbas republics rulers have spurned them, political analyst Volodymyr Tsybulko said, speaking on BTB TV Dec. 12, UNN reports.

 “We cannot view the rulers as self-sufficient politicians. They are Putin’s puppets. They have weapons, but the strings are pulled in Moscow. It is not them who do not want to go to the table of negotiations, it is Putin himself,” the expert said.

 “Putin is now looking for another dimension for his talks with Kyiv.

Putin had been lucky in various tough situations in the past when he would become useful to the outside civilized world. Or, the civilized world thought it less risky to woo Putin and work with him as a partner than alienate the dictator.

Putin is now lying low, aware that big holidays and fasting are one week away and to continue for three weeks, putting the Donbas war out of the limelight.

Putin counts on new options for himself surfacing after the New Year,” Volodymyr Tsybulko said.

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