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504 monuments to Lenin demolished in Ukraine in 2014

According to the Institute of National Memory, there are still over 1700 Lenin monuments left, Radio Svoboda reports Dec. 9.

There were 5,500 such monuments at the time the USSR collapsed in 1991.

Lenin monuments are rarely pulled down in a legal way, INM director Volodymyr Vyatrovych says.

 “Usually, demolitions start spontaneously at critical times. For instance, in 1989-1990 in Eastern Europe and Western Ukraine.

Now, the state is to take over and bring de-Communization  to the end,” Vyatrovych believes.

In 2007, Pres Yushchenko signed the decree obliging oblast administrations to pull down the monuments of those Soviet leaders who were incriminated in organizing the man-made famine in 1932-1933. The decree is still in effect, V. Vyatrovych said. 

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