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How Lviv volunteers help army in Donbas

Volunteer Svyatoslav Vladyka launched a campaign to help Lviv-based Ukrainian army units in Donbas. Now, a shop of local volunteers is making comfortable uniforms at cheaper prices by imitating NATO uniforms, our correspondent reports.

 “We got NATO uniforms and gave them to our sowers to copy. The only drawback is that the zippers on Ukrainian uniforms are not as good as the NATO ones,” Vladyka said.

Another volunteer, Mykyta, is purchasing used jeeps and military trucks in Europe for donations, has them repaired and armored in Ukraine and then sent to Donbas. So far, he has provided ten armored vehicles, he says.

Lviv volunteers also collect donations and purchase pharmaceuticals for servicemen.

 “I know how costly the medical treatment of wounded soldiers is today,” says Natalia Lipska, Wings of Hope NGO coordinator. The NGO started on July 10 and each week delivers pharmaceuticals to Lviv hospitals. 

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