Friday, 5 December, 2014, 13:51 Lviv
Officials demand $100,000 for post on Anti-Corruption Bureau

Candidates for the Anti-Corruption Bureau which will deal with grand graft are demanded a $100,000 bribe, Lviv-based Ratusha investigating journalist Mykola Saveliev writes in Facebook Dec. 5, citing his sources in the police.

 “This is disgusting and must be stopped. An acquaintance in the Lviv police decided to climb higher on the corporate ladder and appel for a post in the currently being organized Anti-Corruption Bureau 

He started to nose around in Kyiv and found out that he will have to pay $100,000 to become one of 700 staff of the bureau. His sources assured him he will repay half of the bribe within 6 months!” the journalist wrote.

Saveliev tried several other sources and got a confirmation that the bribe is a must. 

 “This is all true! Police, security service, tax inspectors willing to join the bureau will have to pay bribes. Imagine such corruption taking place after the hardships of the Maidan revolution and mutilated Donbas servicemen.

Be damned, you, insatiable sleazy officials!” Mykola Saveliev said.

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