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Lviv mayor turns down proposal of vice premiership
Andry Sadovy. Photo: ZIK
Andry Sadovy. Photo: ZIK

In a joint statement Dec. 1, two major parties in the coalition, People’s Front and Petro Poroshenko Bloc, proposed that Lviv Mayor and head of the Samopomich party Andry Sadovy become the vice premier for the decentralization of power in Ukraine.

Sadovy is a reformist deeply committed to Ukraine’s European course, the statement said. 

However, Andry Sadovy turned down the proposal saying, “Following the parliamentary elections, I discussed with the president and premier my future role in the cabinet.

I told them then that I am Lviv’s mayor and responsible for what is going on in the city till the end of my tenure.

If I resign and move to Kyiv, control of the city will fall into the hands of those who have close links with semi-criminal groups. It would be irresponsible to let this happen,” Sadovy explained. 

Meanwhile, he proposed Natalia Yaresko, a co-founder of Horizon Capital Co., for a role in the cabinet.

 “Born in the USA, she has lived in Ukraine for the past 20 years and is a true patriot. She perfectly knows the specifics of our life,” Sadovy said.

 “She has a flawless reputation and is widely known in international economics. I know that she is prepared to consider her appointment for the minister of economy and finance,” Sadovy recommended. 


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