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Russia stops coal supplies to Ukraine

Without explaining, Russia has stopped its coal supplies to Ukraine on Nov. 21, without explaining when they would be resumed, reports Nov. 24.

Ukraine is Russia’s major importer of anthracite coal for its thermal plants.

Due to the war in Donbas, many anthracite coal mines were destroyed by the rebels.

In September, Ukraine negotiated a 1-million ton supply contract with the South African Republic. However, Ukraine’s coal lobby managed to disrupt the contract by alleging that Ukraine officials had bought the coal at higher than commercial price.

This led Pres Poroshenko to hint at corruption and order an investigation. The SAR company then announced it will not prolong the contract, citing risks to its reputation. 
Following this, Ukraine fuel ministry said a 2.6-million ton contract with Russia was signed.

Ukraine needs 1.1 million tons of coal a month for its thermal plants.

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