News » Lviv 21 November, 2014, 10:46
Official statistics on casualties in Donbas lie

On the day when official casualties among Ukraine army were reported at 3 dead, he had to bury 15 of his comrades, the Aidar battalion volunteer, Anatoly Kopanetsky, told ZIK Nov. 20.

Before he joined his battalion Anatoly had been a hunter. He crossed the enemy lines on very risky reconnaissance missions several times, he says.

Unfortunately, he was seriously wounded, and that put a stop to his military career.

 “I was wounded by a mine that went off 3 meters from me.” Anatoly says.

He has had several surgeries and more are still to come.

 “Anatoly and his family have to pay for all of them. It’s a disgrace that the government is not paying the bill for Anatoly’s treatment,” his friend Andry Sen says.

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