Sunday, 2 November, 2014, 9:46 Politics
New defense minister fires inept army supply officials

Nov. 1, Defense minister Stepan Poltorak fired a number of high-ranking officers from his ministry and general staff responsible for supplying the Ukraine army, DM press service reports.

“I ordered to better supplies for the armed forces especially those deployed in the combat zone in Donbas.

Some officers failed to comply with the order, regardless of the fact that the lives of Ukraine servicemen in many cases depend on adequate supplies of weaponry and materials,” the minister said.

More professional managers have been appointed in their place, the minister said.

The minister announced that representatives of volunteers have been attached to appropriate supplies departments of the ministry. 

Volunteer NGO all over Ukraine have a big role in supplying the army.

The minister says volunteers will monitor tenders and supplies, making them cheaper and speedier.

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