Sunday, 2 November, 2014, 15:25 Western Ukraine
Lustration of officials picks up in Western Ukraine
Photo: UNIAN
Photo: UNIAN

Many officials, prosecutors, customs and police officials have been dismissed in Western Ukraine under the law to cleanse the power. However, officials try to put off the lustration by going on sick leaves, our correspondent reports Nov. 2.

In the Ivano-Frankivsk oblast, 7 officials have been dismissed – 2 prosecutors, 4 high-ranking police and 1 customs official.

In the Ternopil oblast, 2 police officials and 1 prosecutor fell under the axe.

In the Rivne oblast, 9 officials have been dismissed – 4 customs officials, 2 prosecutors, 2 police officers and the head of the Korets rayon administration. 

In Zakarpattia, 9 officials have been fired – 2 police officers, 3 customs officials and 4 prosecutors.

Lviv oblast takes the lead for the number of purged officials, with 12 officials dismissed. 

Officials are in no hurry to comply with the lustration law. It is important that the media and NGOs join in the campaign, the author of the lustration law Yehor Sobolev says.

In total, about one million officials are to be screened by the law.

Officials are to be screened for their unaccountable wealth or loyalty during the Miadan revolution.

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