Sunday, 26 October, 2014, 9:08 Politics
Militants concentrate armor and troops around Mariupol

Pro-Russian militants and Russia army regulars are trying to entrap Mariupol concentrating large amounts of armor and troops around the city, TCH reports Oct. 26.

The Russian armor constantly moves along the buffer line in both directions, TCH says. 

 “We don’t believe the enemy will attack now. Judging by their actions, the militants are trying to surround Mariupol and Volnovaha, says Andry Vatolkin, a company CO of  St. Mary’s battalion.

The situation was peaceful Oct. 25, so Ukraine troops were winterizing their shelters and dug-outs.

Volunteers from Lviv delivered 16 potbelly belly stoves to the battalion.

However, the troops are on red alert, expecting terrorist acts by the separatists on election day.

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