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Seven parties may make it to legislature, poll predicts

According to the poll run by the Rating, the winner may be the Poroshenko Bloc, with 33.5% of the vote.

The runner-up may by the Oleh Lyashko-led Radical Party, with 12.8%, followed by the Yatseniuk-led People’s Front, with 8.9%.

Strong Ukraine can get 7.8%, Batkivshchyna 6.9%, Samopomich  5.4%, Communists 4.5% and Svoboda 4%.

35% of respondents will take part in the voting, 40% will probably take part. The turnout is likely to be the largest in the west, north and Kyiv.

Merely 14% of respondents residing on government-controlled territories of Donbas say they will go to the ballot stations.

In the past 2 months, the People’s Fronts was the largest gainer, followed by Samopomich, Strong Ukraine, Communists, opposition Bloc, Batkivshchyna, UNIAN reports Oct. 13.  

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