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Yatseniuk: Putin wants to turn Donbas into another Abkhasia to scare off investors
Premier Arseny Yatseniuk. Photo: Kravchenko Andriy/UNIAN
Premier Arseny Yatseniuk. Photo: Kravchenko Andriy/UNIAN

The Russian president is destabilizing the situation in Ukraine top scare off foreign investors, Premier Arseny Yatseniuk said Oct. 4, Espreso.TV reports.

Billions of dollars will be needed to rebuild the infrastructure destroyed by the separatists in Donbas. Putin wants to create a kind of Abkhasia, Ossetia or TransNistria in Donbas to make it a sore in Ukraine’s side and stop the country from moving toward Europe, the premier said. 

While western businessmen see Russian tanks bearing Russian flags in Donbas, they project the image to the whole of Ukraine and think twice before investing here. Putin is well aware of this, he said.

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