News » Western Ukraine 20 September, 2014, 19:09
Ternopil NGOs launch guerilla warfare program

Activists in Ternopil have launched a guerilla warfare training program to skill volunteers in firing, martial arts, and medical aid, our correspondent reports Sept. 20.

Instructors are former special troops’ servicemen, Donbas volunteers, doctors and psychiatrists. 

According to project coordinator Mykola Bilchuk, the training is free, with many ordinary city residents already volunteering for the course. 

The line of volunteers is long, and priority will be given to those willing to go to Donbas, organizers say.

The number of Ternopil residents willing to take up arms and defend their city is large, Bilchuk says.

 “We would like to snowball our training copurse to other Ukraine cities,” Bilchuk says.

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