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Activists don garbage can on Sumy governor’s head

Under the pressure from Sumy activists, the newly appointed governor, Viktor Chernyavsky, wrote his application of resignation, TCH reports Sept. 19.

At the rally Sept. 18, the activists, later joined by Donbas volunteers on vacation in Sumy, accused the governor of collaborating with the Yanukovych regime and separatism, appealing to Pres Poroshenko to revoke the appointment. 

The following day, the activists broke in the governor’s office and forced him to write his resignation request.

The governor tried to cheat by making deliberate mistakes and using legally wrong formulas. On the third try, the activists made the governor write his request properly.

After the second try, the activists put a garbage can on the governor’s head.

The official, however, stayed in the building, saying any documents written under pressure are illegal.

Now, it’s up to Pres Poroshenko to resolve the conflict.

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