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Unless Putin is stopped in Ukraine, nuclear war is likely, Russian political expert says
Russian President Vladimir Putin. Photo: ZIK/EPA/UPG
Russian President Vladimir Putin. Photo: ZIK/EPA/UPG

Europe fears Putin and does not want any complications. However, the West should realize that Putin is ready to raise his stakes as his political future is involved and if he loses he will be ousted, Russian political expert Andrei Piontkovski said Sept. 18, DELFI.It reported.

The West has all it takes to stop Putin. The imposed sanctions are unbearable for degrading Russia’s economy, he said.

Putin agreed for the cease-fire to ward of further Western sanctions, he said.

Face with superior NATO’s and US military might, Putin will resort to nuclear blackmail in the hope that the West will back off, the expert said. 

Putin’s first foreign policy failures will trigger off his downfall as Russia’s mighty are closely watching him.  

Europeans fear any war. However, they should realize that if Putin wins in Ukraine, he will next come to the Baltic states, A. Piontkovski warned.

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