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To retain grip on power, Putin needs foreign adversary, Russian opposition leader says
Mikhail Kasyanov
Mikhail Kasyanov

The economic situation in Russia is expected to worsen by the year end, with the following two years hitting Moscow real hard. To retain his grip on power, Putin needs a foreign adversary. The Kremlin has pointed its finger on Ukraine, former Russian premier and present opposition leader Mikhail Kasyanov said in Warsaw, Radio Svoboda reports sept. 18.

Putin got his mandate to invade Ukraine after the 2008 war with Georgia, when the West’s toothless policy actually untied Putin’s hands, Kasyanov said.

Putin’s main objective in launching the war on Ukraine is to keep his power in Russia, he said.

Given the present situation, the best help to Ukraine comes from the united stand of the USA, EU and Canada, he said.

Kremlin did not anticipate such tough sanctions. Putin expected the West to turn its back on the aggression against Ukraine like it was in the case of Georgia, Kasyanov said.

Putin is still in a shock over the sanctions. He was ddeeply frustrated that even Angela Merkel (and regardless of the lucrative contracts awarded to German companies) backed the sanctions, the Russian opposition leader explained. .

The authoritarian Russian regime is edging toward Fascism, with Putin reminding Mussolini and Franco, Kasyanov said.

There are two scenarios for Russia, either the growth of Fascism or, assuming Putin is no madman, his attempts to find the way-out of the present conflict, Kasyanov said.  

With the looming economic crisis, Russia’s destiny will be solved in one or two years. There is a risk that the Russian Federation may even collapse, Kasyanov predicted. 

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