Wednesday, 3 September, 2014, 13:02 Western Ukraine
Ternopil, Rivne church communities switch to Kyiv patriarchate

Three church communities have switched from Moscow to Kyiv patriarchate recently. The believers held a referendum and decided to belong to the Ukrainian church, our correspondent reports Sept.3.

The believers said they do not want to pray for Moscow Patriarch Kiril who supports Russia’s aggression in Donbas and refused to pray for Ukraine army soldiers.

The believers in the village of Rachyn, Rivne oblast, held a referendum in which out of 1,017 members of the congregation 823 supported siding with the Ukrainian church of the Kyiv patriarchate. 

However, the present priest in Rachyn, Andry, does not recognize the results of the referendum, saying it is the games of politicians.

In the Ternopil oblast, out of 130 Moscow patriarchate churches 7 wished to switch to the Kyiv patriarchate. 

To avoid the confrontation, in some cases the authorities closed churches and the believers now pray separately outside.

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