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Kazakhstan threatens to withdraw from Eurasian Union
Kazakh President Nursaltan Nazarbajev. Photo:
Kazakh President Nursaltan Nazarbajev. Photo:

Kazakhstan has the right to leave the Russia-led Eurasian Union if its interests are violated, Kazakh Pres Nazarbajev said, speaking to Khabar TV, Tengri News reported Aug. 30.

Kazakhstan will not be a part of organizations that endanger its independence, Nazarbajev said.

 “Our independence for which our forefathers fought is our greatest asset,” the president said.

 “First, we will never sacrifice our independence. Second, we will do everything to defend it,” he explained.

Nursaltan Nazarbajev has taken in independent stand in the CIS with a declaration at the recent Minsk talks that Ukraine’s signing the association agreement with the EU won’t harm Kazakhstan in any way – much to Vladimir Putin’s chagrin.
Recall also that Pres Putin declared at the youth Seliger forum  that Kazakhstan had never been an independent country in the past.

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