Friday, 29 August, 2014, 9:21 Politics
60 Russian tanks 20 km off Mariupol. City defenders have 7 shoulder-launched anti-tank missiles
Russian troops. Photo: archive
Russian troops. Photo: archive

The Russians have concentrated 60 tanks 20 km away from Mariupol, TCH says Aug. 29.

The Russians started their advance on Mariupol early in the morning. Ukrainian troops are retreating as they do not have adequate weapons to counter the enemy.

The purpose of the Russian troops is to make to corridor toward Crimea.

 “We have to change our positions frequently as enemy spotters help artillery attacks on us,” one of the Ukrainian serviceman said.

 Ukraine military confirm that they are facing the Russian army.

“It’s the Russian invasion. We saw it yesterday when Russian tanks with Russian flags and soldiers entered Novoazovsk,” he said.

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