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Official: Ukraine has to break up diplomatic relations with Russia and impose martial law
Anton Gerashchenko. Photo:
Anton Gerashchenko. Photo:

Ukraine has to react to Russia’s open aggression by breaking up diplomatic relations with Moscow and impose the martial law to mobilize against Russia, interior minister’s adviser Anton Herashchenko wrote in Facebook Aug. 28.

Putin de-facto started the war on Ukraine. Moscow attacked Ukraine at the time when the Ukrainian president disbanded the legislature, which makes it impossible to impose the martial law in a legal way. But it must be imposed any other way. 

Many analysts and Ukrainians criticized the president for not declaring the martial law in June or July and not tabling in Rada the association agreement with the EU. 

It was because Putin, via his fifth column in the Rada, would have derailed both proposals, paying the docile lawmakers through the nose. 

Let’s be frank, there are merely 170 -180 patriotic and pro-Ukrainian lawmakers in the present legislature {with 226 votes needed to approve the proposals – Ed.]

As Russia opposition leader Boris Nemtsov said, Putin violated all the laws, including the Russian Constitution, by sending troops to Ukraine without the federation council permission, same as his dear Adolf Hitler would have done.

However, all that is happening is not Putin’s victory, it is his defeat, and he will lose the war same as Hitler had done. 

The time has come for Europe and the USA to show whom they are with – with the aggressor ant tyrant or with the democratic Ukraine. 

To stop Putin, the EU and Germany before all have to refuse to buy Russian oil, gas, wood and other raw materials.

All credits to Moscow must be revoked, the assets of Russia state companies frozen – they are sponsoring terrorism.

This will put Putin at the edge of an economic abyss which will be eventually followed by his political fiasco.

If the EU countries cannot reach a consensus on this, they can do it separately and this will be an acid test for every EU country.

Ukraine must urgently react to Putin’s aggression by breaking up diplomatic relations with Russia, impose the martial law and mobilize the country’s resources to counter the Russian aggression.

Ukraine has to appeal to every country. The result will show with whom these countries are siding, with the aggressor or Ukraine,” Herashchenko wrote.

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