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Khodorkovsky to Russians: we can stop Russian aggression – suffice it to take to streets
Mikhail Khodorkovsky during Congress
Mikhail Khodorkovsky during Congress "Ukraine - Russia: A Dialogue" in Kyiv. Photo: Oleksandr Synytsia/UNIAN

The Russians can stop the war with Ukraine. Suffice it to take to the streets and threaten a strike. The regime will lose its nerve at once because it is chicken-hearted, he said.

 “We are at war with Ukraine, sending soldiers and weaponry there. Ukrainians are good fighters but they cannot match Russia’s military might.

The Putin regime is lying to its citizens, like it did the 80s about Afghanistan, in the 90s about Chechnya and today about Ukraine.

Meanwhile, we are turning our backs on those who are fighting in Ukraine, feigning that we believe putin’s propaganda.
Isn’t it scary to lose our sons in Ukraine? Or to shoot our brothers Ukrainians? How will we live with it?

But we can stop the war.  Just take to the streets and threaten to strike. This chicken-hearted regime will be frightened at once.

I’m not going, I do not want to keep mum any more,” Mikhail Khodorkovsky said.

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