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Semen Semenchenko: “We’ve been cheated by our generals yet again”

Several volunteer battalions were rounded up by the terrorists near Ilovajsk 5 days ago. They appealed for help, saying they have no heavy weaponry to oppose the enemy armed with tanks, APCs and artillery.

Now, the commander of ‘Donbas’ battalion, Semen Semenchenko, writes in Facebook Aug. 27:

 “We have nothing to wait for. The generals cheated us another time [by promising help and doing nothing – Ed.]

They didn’t even give us the orders to break through the encirclement. If no help comes, it’ll be a bloodbath.   

Save our soldiers. Go picket the General Staff in Kyiv!

The commanders of the 5 encircled battalions had asked the army command to set a corridor to evacuate the wounded and the dead – with no result.

Let me appeal to the Automaidan activists, all patriots. Picket the presidential administration with the demand to help the volunteer battalions rounded up near Ilovajsk!.

This is no panic, just a sober assessment of the situation,” Semen Semenchenko wrote.

There has been a rivalry between the army and volunteer troops who often challenge their orders. The army refused to attach heavy weaponry to the battalions despite their demands. 

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