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Ukraine urges France not to sell Mistrals to Russia
Helicopter landing ship dock
Helicopter landing ship dock "Vladivostok" - type "Mistral" for the Russian Navy. Photo:

“We are insistently urging France not to supply helicopter carriers Mistrals to Russia. There are the required legal reasons to revoke the contract,” Vasyl Zvarych , foreign ministry communications department deputy head told journalists Aug. 6, Ukrayinska Pravda reported.

The supply contract can be revoked on the article 2 of EU’s law of Dec. 8, 2008 on the export of armaments, the official said.

Ukraine realizes that for France, a responsible international partner, it would be difficult to go back on the contract. However, international security, democratic values and the lives of peaceful people cost immeasurably more than 1 billion euros, Ukraine FM official said.

Russia behaves like an aggressor, the fact recognized by many EU countries. Therefore, to give Russia the carriers will mean to expose the Black Sea region and EU to new threats, Zvarych said.

The officials reminded a statement by Russia Black Sea fleet commander Vladimir Vysotsky to the effect that, if Russia had had Mistrals in 2008 during the invasion of Georgia, it would have been moved its troops to Georgia in 40 minutes, not 26 hours it took.

Mistrals will be weapons of aggression in Russian hands, he said.

The sale in Mistrales will be an indication of impunity for violating international laws by Moscow in 2008 in Georgia and in Ukraine today, he said.

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