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Ukraine army needs 2-3 months to liberate Donbas: Semen Semenchenko
Soldiers battalion «Donbas» at Pervomaysk. Photo: EPA/IVAN BOBERSKYY
Soldiers battalion «Donbas» at Pervomaysk. Photo: EPA/IVAN BOBERSKYY

In his interview with The Focus, commander of ‘Donbas’ volunteer battalion Semen Semenchenko said 2-3 months are needed to liberate Donbas from terrorists.

He says several conditions are to be met:

 “First, to expose traitors among Ukraine military. Then get rid of ineffective planners. If the situation remains unchanged, another 2-3 months are needed for the final victory,” he said. 

 “We have, in fact, seized only Pervomajsk, Lysychansk and Popasna. From Slovyansk, Kostyantynivka, Kramatoprsk the terrorists withdrew on their own will. They are not fleeing in panic,” he said. 

Russia is not for a full-fledged invasion of Ukraine. However, the only thing which can stop the Russians is an increasing number of coffins with dead Russian mercenaries going from Ukraine, he believes. 

A major problem is that there are many former terrorists now in liberated areas. The police that collaborated with the terrorists are back as if nothing had happened.

There are many Russian servicemen among the terrorists. His ‘Donbas’ battalion has seized 50 Russian army servicemen with tattoos of paratroopers and special forces.

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