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Radical party unexpectedly wins support of Ukrainians, poll says

In a poll run by KMIS from June 20 through July 2, the Radical party headed by Oleh Lyashko scored the highest support among Ukrainians, Ukrayinska Pravda reports July 28.

If the parliamentary elections were held late June, the Radical party would get 12.5% of the vote, Batkivshchyna 9.3%, UDAR 7.2%, Anatoly Hrytsenko’s Hromadyanska position 6.1% and Poroshenko-led Solidarnist 3.4%.

Svoboda would get 3.1% and Communists 2.7%.

The Regions party would get 1.6% and Pravy Sector 1%.

Over 25% of the respondents were undecided.

49% of Ukrainians believe the elections should be held on the first-past-the –pole system, 22% on the mixed system, 6.5% on party rosters and 22.5% were undecided.

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