Thursday, 24 July, 2014, 20:39
Russian servicemen defects, gives evidence of Moscow aggression

Andrej Balabanov, a Russian army serviceman, says the Russians are sending professionals and weaponry to Ukraine to fight against Ukraine army, SBU press service July 24 report runs.

The Russian reached Ukraine in July and asked for a political asylum.

When stationed in the Rostov oblast, the servicemen of his unit were continuously brainwashed into believing they would be sent to Ukraine to save their Russian-speaking brothers, he said.

The unit was staffed with military intelligence, GRU, experts and Chechens who were finally sent into Ukraine.

The Russians also sent their armor with Russian crews, Balabanov said.

 “I finally took a decision not to take part in this war and sided with Ukraine. This is my protest against Russia’s political leaders,” he said.

Balabanov is not the first Russian serviceman to defect to Ukraine. Earlier, a security service, FSB, officer, Ilya Bogdanov, surrendered, saying he wanted to serve in the Ukrainian army.

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