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Over past year, number of Ukrainians supporting entry in NATO has grown to 47.3%

According to the Horshenin Institute poll, if a referendum on joining NATO was held now, 47.3# of Ukrainian would support it against 36.2 earlier, Interfax-Ukrayina reports June 17.

In May 2013, 35.3% supported entry in NATO, with 43.2 being against.

Such opinion shift is due to Russia’s aggression against Ukraine.
64.2% of Ukrainians believe that Russia is arming and controlling terrorists, 23.6% disbelieve and 12.2% are undecided.

78.4% of Ukrainians support Kyiv in its confrontation in Donbas and only 10% support the opponents.

As for the use of force, 42.1% of Ukrainians favor it and 47.2% support the talks with separatists, with 10.7% undecided.

76.7% of Ukrainians believe Russia is a threat to Ukraine against 13.2%.

55.1% of respondents believe Russia will continue its aggression and try to seize other parts of Ukraine against 21.5%.

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