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Kolomojsky: “I can build fence along Ukraine-Russia border

Tycoon and Governor of the Dnipropetrovsk oblast Ihor Kolomojsky proposes to Pres Poroshenko to start the construction of a 1,900-km fence along Ukraine eastern border with Russia, reports June 12.

The project was yesterday submitted to the  presidential administration.

According to Ihor Kolomojsky, “The peaceful Finland was saved from Stalin by the Mannerheim line. A similar line must be erected to protect Ukraine from Putin. The wall on the Israeli border is very effective against terrorists.”   

The project will take 5-6 months to complete.

The fence is to be built from high-durability steel and barbed wire.

The fence must be protected on both sides with deep trenches to preclude access of vehicles, civilians and animals.  

The space between the fence and the trench is to be mined with signal and anti-personnel mines.

The fence can be electrified.

The fence is to be covered by mobile detachments of border guards and National Guard.

The fence will effectively cut off terrorists, supplies and weaponry from their bases in Russia.

The materials for the 1,920-km long fence will cost about 50 million euros.

The project’s total costs won’t exceed 100 mn euros.

All the works are to be made by Ukrainians.  

A significant part of the building costs can be funded by the Dnipro-1 charity foundation.

 Given Pres Poroshenko’s blessing, the foundation can build the fence in 5-6 months, Ihor Kolomojsky says.

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