Thursday, 5 June, 2014, 19:31 Politics
Liovochkin to set up new party to replace Regions

In his interview with LigaBiznesInform June 5, the ex-deputy head of Yanukovych administration, Serhy Larin, told about plans to launch a new party to replace the P{arty of Regions.

He didn’t deny or admit that the ex-head of Yanukovych administration, Serhy Liovochkion, is behind the project.

There won’t be any odious ex-Regions members in the new party, Larin promised.

Regions failed to meet the challenges, admit its mistakes and restructure, he said.

As a result, millions of Regions supporters have no representation in parliament and local councils. We have to step in as the void will be filled by radical and anti-Ukrainian parties, Larin said. 


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