News » Politics 19 May, 2014, 9:49
Pres Turchynov demands that justice ministry ban Communist party

In his May 19 letter to the justice ministry, Pres Oleksandr Turchynov demanded that the ministry analyze evidence provided by the security service and prosecution on anti-constitutional activities by members of the Communist party.

In the time of ordeal for Ukraine, members of the Communist party are inciting to dislodge the government, engage in armed opposition, change the constitutional order by violent means.

Communist lawmakers of all levels are openly inciting radicals to provoke disturbances and shoot-outs in eastern and southern Ukraine to destabilize the country and provoke Russia’s aggression, Turchynov says.

Such activities are incompatible with the role of a Ukrainian party and must be terminated by disbanding the Communist party, Turchynov says.

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